Construction Contract Preparation and Management: From Concept to Completion

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9780230273795: Construction Contract Preparation and Management: From Concept to Completion

Construction industry professionals produce terms of contracts all the time; whenever they write a specification clause or put a dimension on a drawing for example. Unfortunately, a lot of graduates leave university without realising this, or the significance of contracts in general, where misunderstandings and mistakes can be extremely expensive and cause considerable delay. This new text is a practical and reader-friendly approach for students and new professionals in Civil Engineering and the Built Environment, starting at the very beginning of construction projects and making important connections between stages. The text is full of helpful illustrations and real-life industry examples. Includes: * Extensive explanation of two of the most commonly used forms of contract, NEC3 ECC and JCT SBC05 * General principles of contracts; concepts such as the importance of time and programmes, and payment and pricing mechanisms; processes such as tendering; and the importance of stakeholders * An introduction to contract law and negligence as they affect the construction professional * The EU Procurement Directive and framework agreements * Site investigation and how to carry one out * The CDM regulations and safety

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About the Author:

Geoff Powell is Senior Lecturer in Construction Contracts, Contract Management and Procurement at Coventry University, UK. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, with many years of experience in industry, including twelve years as a senior manager with Severn Trent Water, where he was responsible for the design and delivery of a capital programme of over GBP100 million per annum, the management of a number of design offices and of up to two hundred engineers. For 20 years, he was also responsible for the training of graduates as a Supervising Civil Engineer for the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Current reviews from the book from "There are many books available that cover the subject of construction contracts, however most are very difficult to read and often do not explain things in clear terms. At last we have a book that provides some clarity, in what can often been a very dry and uninteresting subject. The book is well structured and very well written, giving plenty of illustrations and industry based examples to explain and emphasise key points. This is a must for practitioners and students alike." "This is an ideal purchase for anyone tackling the daunting subject of construction contracts. The book is written in an incredibly reader friendly manner - conversational yet highly informative. The illustrations are clear and well annotated, and the industry examples provide an invaluable real-life connection. It it clear that the author, Geoff Powell, has had a great deal of industry experience. Thanks to him for passing it on!"

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