de Havilland, Olivia Now Is the Time

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Now Is the Time

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9780246137142: Now Is the Time

The sensational autobiography of the Oscar winning, original ‘Maid Marian’ and last surviving principal cast member from Gone with the Wind , revealing the secrets and scandals from the black and white golden era of Hollwood.

Signed by Warner Bros. in 1935 to a seven-year contract, the raven-haired actress and sister of Joan Fontaine, went on to star opposite Flynn in Captain Blood. She was 18, he was 26; the pair made eight films in the next seven years, including The Adventures of Robin Hood and their last picture together, Raoul Walsh's 1941 drama about George Custer They Died With Their Boots On.

Of that film, she said, "There was a real grief and sorrow and loss when we made that. I felt the same way the next day and the day after that. And many, many years later I realized this would be the last picture I would make with Errol Flynn."

But as to whether their movie romance bloomed off-screen, the lady with now snow-white hair coiffed in an elegant French twist, won't say. De Havilland chafed at Hollywood's treatment of performers under contract. The actress sued Warner Bros. in the 1940s after being suspended for refusing typecast roles. She won the suit and the decision giving greater creative freedom to performers became know as "De Havilland's Law."

Her last film role was in 1979's The Fifth Musketeer. Having lived in Paris for the past half-century, the actress admitted to not watching her own movies lately but said she likes to have dinner in bed and do a crossword puzzle.

Asked about her favourite role, she replied: "I felt Gone with the Wind' would last five years, and it's lasted over 50, and into a new millennium.There is a special place in my heart for that film and Melanie.She was a remarkable character- a loving person, and because of that she was a happy person. And Scarlett, of course, was not."

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