Greenwood Guides to the Universe [7 volumes]

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9780313338731: Greenwood Guides to the Universe [7 volumes]

Our knowledge of the universe has increased tremendously over the last century. We now know that our Milky Way galaxy is but one of hundreds of billions of galaxies; our solar system is not unique, since scientists have found other planets circling other stars throughout the galaxy. And our discoveries are not over—there still exist mysteries to be solved by the next generation of astronomers.

The Greenwood Guides to the Universe series provides readers with the most up-to-date understanding of state of astronomical knowledge, as well as an introduction to how scientists discover facts about bodies that are, in some cases, billions of light years away. Each volume focuses on one area of astronomical knowledge. Volumes are organized thematically, and include illustrations, glossaries, and bibliographies to help students better understand the concepts at hand.

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Product Description:

This seven-volume series covers the extent of the universe, making the heavens accessible to every student.

· Illustrations

· Glossaries

· Bibliographies

Book Description:

Astronomical discoveries are frequently in the science news, with the discovery of new moons, new planets, or, as in the case of Pluto, the demotion of planets to "dwarf planet" status. With untold mysteries still to be discovered, it is no wonder that space has been deemed—with justice—"the final frontier."

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