A Brief History of English Literature

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9780333791769: A Brief History of English Literature

"A Brief History of English Literature" provides a lively introductory guide to English literature from "Beowulf" to the present day. The book is written in a lucid style to enable the reader to engage fully with the narrative and easily understand the texts in relation to the social, political and cultural contexts in which they were written.

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'This text focuses on writers who are English, rather than who write in English, and deliberately concentrates on those most likely to be studied within the English education system. Its aim is to explore texts' interaction with their historical context; accordingly, it gives historical details as well as summaries and interpretations of literary texts. The style is concise, with concerns being introduced in a few paragraphs or even sentences...I found this an interesting and useful read. It introduces complex ideas in a style that will be easily understood by English teachers and will be accessible to some students at Advanced level and many in Higher Education. I recommend it for English departments and school/college libraries.' - Helen Barker, National Association for the Teaching of English

'A well-structured, uncluttered and balanced account of English literary history.' - J.P. Van der Motten, Gent Universiteit, Belgium

'Chatty and engaging...will do its best work at sixth-form and first-year undergraduate level.' - The Times Higher Education Supplement


JOHN PECK and MARTIN COYLE are Senior Lecturers in English at Cardiff University. They are the general editors of the New Casebooks series and of the Critical Issues series, both published by Palgrave.

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