Paramedic Case Book: From Street to Emergency Department

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9780335242689: Paramedic Case Book: From Street to Emergency Department

"A great book written by a truly medical family ... This book will prove invaluable to the student paramedic and a great aid to the practicing paramedic ... The case studies are thought provoking and give an opportunity for students to learn about situations they will encounter during their careers and experienced paramedics and practitioners the opportunity to reflect on similar cases and question their practice ... I would highly recommend this book."
Paul Bates (Paramedic), Higher Education Programme Manager, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, UK

"Individuals new to pre-hospital care will find this text well structured and clear. The informative introduction and subsequent case studies are written in an easy to read question and answer style. These provide a starting point for the reader to undertake further focused reading and investigation. A helpful text for students who are new to caring for patients, in the pre-hospital environment."
Amanda Blaber, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton, UK

"This book presents a series of medical vignettes of varying complexity. It discusses the differential diagnosis and clinical care, offering important background knowledge to assist the Paramedic in following the best clinical pathway. Fellows and Fellows provide the vital link between the classroom and reality, removing the mysticism from the complex and ever changing world of pre-hospital care"
Dr David Zideman, Clinical Lead – Emergency Medical Care, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

"This is a great introductory text ... The language is easy to read and does not use over complicated medical jargon, which can be off putting for novice students (and experienced ambulance personnel alike!) whilst introducing the reader to ‘ambulance language’. The comprehensive glossary is an unexpected find and a fabulous revision tool, explaining many difficult medical concepts and conditions."
Emma Redwood, State Registered Paramedic, University of Northampton, UK

"Until now there have been very few books that outline the importance of all stages of the care received by a patient. This book fills that gap without overwhelming those new to the paramedic profession. In addition it works well as a supplementary book for anyone working in the pre-hospital field to remind them the importance of seeking a differential diagnosis and not jumping to any conclusions ... A good book for paramedic students to read and enjoy."
Ruth Lambert, Student Paramedic, University of Northampton, UK

This accessible book is designed to help both practising and student paramedics prepare to deal with 25 of the most commonly seen pre-hospital care scenarios, as well as to revise for practical exams.

Part of a new Case Book series, the book starts with a description of the patient history and examination, then challenges you to spot important signs, determine a likely diagnosis and make important management decisions. This technique helps to cement prior knowledge and teach both scientific and practical knowledge, both vital for today’s paramedic.

By looking at the journey of the patient and paramedic, the authors provide a more complete understanding of the care pathway, helping you to be aware of signs of severe illness and develop safe practice. In addition, the book:

  • Encourages you to develop knowledge of pathophysiology, pharmacology and out of hospital emergency treatment plans to point of handover at definitive care
  • Covers a wide range of scenarios, from everyday situations to more complex
  • Contains practical cases, checklists, clinical tools, key information boxes and clear answers to clinical questions
The book is written by a unique father and daughter author team, with the complementary perspectives of a paramedic educator and a student.

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About the Author:

Sarah Fellows is a final year medical student at Imperial College London studying for an MBBS. She has also completed a BSc (Hons) in Cardiovascular Sciences.

Bob Fellows is Tutor in Paramedic Science at the University of Hertfordshire, UK and a Senior Paramedic Tutor with the London Ambulance Service, UK. He was Chairman of The College of Paramedics for 7 years and has more than 30 years of experience in the streets of the capital.

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