Student Cultural Diversity: Understanding and Meeting the Challenge

9780395964996: Student Cultural Diversity: Understanding and Meeting the Challenge

Student Cultural Diversity provides practical advice and solutions to K-12 teachers who ask themselves how to address an increasingly diverse student body. The book's unique framework explores the social, cognitive, and communicative roots of diversity, discussing how children learn to think and communicate within their home, community, and school environments.

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About the Author:

Eugene Garcia is dean of the College of Education at the University of California-Berkeley. He is a former director of the Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs in the Clinton administration's Department of Education. In addition, he previously served as co-director of the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning at the University of California-Santa Cruz. He is the author of several professional books, the editor of five books on various research issues of cultural diversity. He has also written numerous articles appearing in such journals as American Psychology, Early Childhood Development, Education and Urban Society, American Journal of Education, and Teacher Education and Practice.


Note: Each chapter ends with a Conclusion, a Summary of Major Ideas, Extending Your Experience, and Resources for Further Study. I. Student Diversity in Context 1. Cultural Diversity in America's Schools An Introduction A Portrait of Change and Challenge The Extent of Cultural Diversity Among U.S. Students Today Student Diversity and Educational Vulnerability The Implications for Educators The Language Minority Student Federal and State Educational Policies The Five Rs of Educational Reform 2. Views of Culture and Education New Contexts for Education What Is Culture? Culture as Central to Development and Education The Role of Cultural Capital The Culture of the School Teaching in a Cultural Context 3. Educational Approaches to Student Cultural Diversity A Historical Survey Beyond Multicultural Education New Theoretical Perspectives II. The Roots of Diversity 4. An Ecology of Family, Home, and School The Meeting of Cultures The Role of the Family in the Socialization of Children Social Ecology Ethnic Image and Its Effects A Cultural Systems Account of Underachievement Educational Implications 5. Language and Communication The Nature of Communication The Development of Language Bilingualism and Second-Language Acquisition New Areas of Emerging Research in U. S. Bilingual Schooling Special Language Minority Populations 6. Language, Culture, and Cognition The Role of Culture in Cognition An Assessment of Intelligence Testing School Reform-Standards-Based Accountability Assessments Two Aspects of Effective Teaching in Culturally Diverse Classrooms That Focus on Language and Cognition III. The Educational Response 7. The Effective Teacher: Preparation, Assessment, and Characteristics The Current System of Professional Preparation and Assessment Professional Credentialing of Teachers Changes in Teacher-Preparation Programs Effective Teaching and Learning The Principal's Role in Effective Schooling 8. Effective Instruction of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Children A Theoretical Framework: Two Divergent Views Characteristics of Effective Schools Effective Instructional Practices 9. Educational Approaches at the Middle and Secondary School Level Then and Now: A Personal Rendition of What Works The Genesis of Project Theme Project Theme: Principles and Strategies The Results of Project Theme Rethinking, Rebuilding, and Engaging Change at the High School Level Project AVANCE Programs That Work to Enhance College Participation Implications for Intervention Programs

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