Biographical and historical sketches of early Indiana (The Mid-American frontier)

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9780405068966: Biographical and historical sketches of early Indiana (The Mid-American frontier)

Many of the sketches contained in this book were originally published in the Indianapolis Journal. These, and such as have been given the public in other papers, have been carefully revised and rewritten. Some of the sketches, however, were prepared expressly for this work. I have not written of living men, but only of those who have passed away. The dead Governors of Indiana both Territorial and State are sketched, and monographs of other distinguished men are given. The book contains other papers, of a historical character, the whole making a work which, I hope, will prove of iermanent value. The information contained in this book, which necessarily develops much of the early political history of the State, was obtained from various sources, and can not elsewhere be found without great research and labor. No inconsiderable part of it is derived from the authors own observation and recollection, and would pass away with him were it not committed to writing. Should this book be favorably received by the public, it will, most probably, be followed by another of similar character, for the author is in possession of abundant material for such a work. Such as the book is, I send it forth. Whatever may be the verdict of the public upon it, I shall have the satisfaction of knowing that it was conscientiously written. It contains nothing which I do not believe to be true, and in its preparation I accepted nothing as evidence which I did not regard as conclusive. I ask for the work the publics considerate judgment, and I shall be content to abide its verdict. WILLIAM WESLEY WOOLLEN. I ndianapolis, May,
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