Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook

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9780412741203: Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook

Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook presents unified data for the four compoundable plastics families and their additives and modifiers, while emphasizing their use in various applications over a wide range of processes, products, temperature ranges, and environmental conditions. It discusses the history, technology, and blending of polyvinyl chlorides, polyolefins, styrenics, and thermoplastic elastomers. PVCs are covered in flexible, rigid, and liquid forms. The book explores in detail the principles and practices of additive usage and special additives and modifiers--subjects usually overlooked in other texts--including plasticizers, protective agents, inorganic additives, impact modifiers, specialty compound additives, processing modifiers, colorants, special purpose additives, and flame retardants and smoke suppressants. Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook also explores new area in the plastics industry, such as the conductive carbon blacks, lubricant theories, and blowing agents. Not based simply on theory, the book stresses the utilization of the materials in manufacturing. The information included is largely based on contributors' real-world experience and applications. The Handbook is rounded out with a substantial index and a significant biliography, so readers can easily follow up on all information presented. Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook is a practical reference for engineers, chemists, and other personnel in the plastics industry producing chemicals or resins, manufacturing final products, or working in sales, marketing, or purchasing.

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