The Combined Chemical Dictionary on DVD

ISBN 13: 9780412820205

The Combined Chemical Dictionary on DVD

9780412820205: The Combined Chemical Dictionary on DVD

The Combined Chemical Dictionary on DVD provides all entries that are available in the following dictionaries:

  • Dictionary of Analytical Reagents (16,000 compounds)
  • Dictionary of Carbohydrates (29,000 compounds)
  • Dictionary of Drugs (48,000 compounds)
  • Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds (106,000 compounds)
  • Dictionary of Natural Products (207,600 compounds)
  • Dictionary of Organic Compounds (286,500 compounds)
  • Spanning the breadth of chemistry, this database offers access to chemical, physical, and structural data on more than 570,000 compounds contained in over 225,000 entries. The presence of powerful search software allows sophisticated text and structure searches to be achieved quickly with minimal effort.

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    System requirements: PC meeting the system requirements to run Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (32 bit)

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    … an excellent product … I have done comparison searches and find unique references in the CCD not found in others … a must-have product since it covers organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds as well as natural products, analytical reagents, and pharmacological agents … [it] provides a wider variety of references for the compounds it indexes than Beilstein/Gmelin or SciFinder Scholar.
    —Dana L. Roth, Caltech Library System 

    Praise for the Dictionary of Natural Products:
    If you are interested in natural products, you will want access to this dictionary.
    —Natural Product Reports

    As an owner and daily user of the CD-ROM version of the Dictionary of Natural Products, I am very impressed by the amount of information given for each compound. Extremely easy to install, the flexibility of the CD-ROM version makes it an indispensable tool for research on natural products.
    —Dr. Olov Sterner, University of Lund, Sweden

    The way it’s presented is just perfect … it has saved me literally days of work since we started subscribing … it’s got to the stage where I walk into the library and they don’t even ask what I want. They just say ‘give him the green disc.’
    —Dr. Alan Freyer, Smithkline Beecham

    … an exceptionally well-done compendium that will be often used and save many hours in the library; it should be given top priority for purchase.
    —M.E. Kuehne, University of Vermont

    Praise for the Dictionary of Organic Compounds:
    … excellent … the new volumes are more useful than ever to chemists, and they are sure to play a unique role in helping researchers …
    —E.J. Corey, Harvard University

    …should be a fixture in the main library of most colleges and industrial companies with chemical research groups.
    —A.I. Meyers, University of Colorado 

    Praise for the Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds:
    … recommended … a unique, extensive compilation …
    Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society


    Data included on each compound:

  • Accurate chemical names
  • Searchable chemical structures
  • CAS Registry numbers
  • Molecular formulae and weights
  • Physical properties, including melting/boiling points dissociation constants
  • Uses
  • Hazard and Toxicity information, including flash points and LD50 data
  • Concise bibliography
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