Shapers of the Urban Form: Explorations in Morphological Agency

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9780415318938: Shapers of the Urban Form: Explorations in Morphological Agency

This book systematically examines the different types of human agency - individual and collective, official, private and institutional - that have shaped the production of urban form over the last several centuries.

The essays focus on the social processes behind the patterns of built form that have been traditionally studied and the progressive interactions between the two. This evolving mix of societal forms of agency have combined at various times to shape the urban built environment. To enable historical coherence, chapters are grouped into four broad historical periods:

  • pre-modern
  • early modern
  • industrial era
  • late- and post-modern.

With over 100 black and white illustrations, Shapers of the Urban Form is a valuable mine of thought and theory for architects and urban theorists.

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Introduction  1. The Turn Towards Agency in Urban Morphology  Part 1: Pre-Modern Settings  2. High Secular Authorities  3. Ecclesiastical Authorities  4. Medieval Property Holders  Part 2: Early Modern Settings  5. Architects and the Scope of Their Urban Influence in Italy, c. 1600-1800  6. Absolute Decisions: Towns Fit for a King  7. Imperial Officials: Haussmann in Paris  Part 3: Industrial-Era Settings  8. Business Corporations and Urbanism in North America  9. Industrialists and Foctory Districts in Wales  10. Designing Railways into British and American Cities  11. Industralists and Workers' Housing in Poland  12. State and Municipal Officials: Public Housing in Spain  13. Self-Builders: Timeless Contributors to Urban Form  Part 4: Late Modern and Postmodern Settings  14. Speculative Developers and the American Metropolis  15. Makers of Modernism  16.Masters of Retro-Fit and Sprawl: Engineering Chicago for the Automobile  17. Municiple Authorities and Planners in Post-War Reconstruction  18. Municiple Agency in Post-Industrial Settings  Envoi  19. Problems in Studying Morphological Agency

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