Colebrook, Claire Gilles Deleuze

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Gilles Deleuze

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9780415617437: Gilles Deleuze

Why think? Not in order to be clever, but because thinking transforms life. Why read literature? Not for pure entertainment but because literature can recreate the boundaries of life.With his emphasis on creation along with his crusade against 'common sense', Deleuze offers some of the most liberating, exhilarating ideas in twentieth-century thought.

The fully updated second edition Claire Colbrook's guide to Deleuze presents and clarifies concepts including:

  • 'becoming'
  • time and the flow of life
  • the ethics of thinking
  • 'major' and 'minor' literature
  • difference and repetition
  • desire, the image and ideology
  • Deleuze’s more recent work on race, capitalism and sexuality.

Written with literature students in mind, this is the ideal guide for students wishing to think differently about life and literature and in this way to create their own new readings of literary texts.

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Claire Colebook is Professor of English at Penn State Univesity.


Preface: Deleuze Studies Today  Why Deleuze?  Key Ideas 1. Powers of thinking: philosophy, art and science 2. Cinema: perception, time and becoming 3. Machines, the untimely and the deterritorialisation 4. Transcendental empiricism 5. Desire, ideology and simulacra 6. Minor literature: the power of eternal return 7. Becoming After Deleuze Further Reading Works Cited Index

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