Schwarz, Peter Energy Economics

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Energy Economics

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9780415676779: Energy Economics

With renewed concerns of rising energy prices over the last decade, the potential effect of fossil fuel use on climate change, and calls to increase energy independence, interest in Energy Economics is once again at an all time high.

The aims of this book are twofold:  first, there are no easy answers to our energy issues, so that we must consider costs and benefits when evaluating all energy alternatives; and second, we must get the prices right, where those prices need to reflect the full social costs to society of a given source of energy.

Throughout the text, there is a focus on societal objectives, primarily efficiency and maximum social welfare, but also consideration of sustainability. The result is a comprehensive view of energy market successes and failures, and a realistic understanding of the government’s role where the market outcome conflicts with society’s goals. The text takes a fully international view of the topic and covers traditional and future energy sources.

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Peter Schwarz is Professor of Economics at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Belk College of Business. He is also is also Senior Faculty Associate with the Global Institute of Energy and Environmental Systems and holds a visiting professorship with the China University of Mining and Technology.


Part One: Fundamentals  1. Energy Overview  2. Societal Objectives: Energy Efficiency and Social Welfare  3. Static Efficiency  4. Dynamic Efficiency  Part Two: Traditional Fuels  5. Oil  6. Natural Gas  7. Coal  8. Nuclear  9. Energy Conservation and Efficiency  Part Three: Electricity  10. Traditional Electricity Regulation  11. Restructuring and Deregulation  Part Four: Alternative Fuels  12. Wind, Water, Solar, Biomass  13. Further out: Hydrogen, Clean Coal, Switchgrass, and beyond  14. Environment  15. National Security  16. Sustainability  17. Comprehensive Energy Policy 

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