The Mussel Mytilus: Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Culture

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9780444887528: The Mussel Mytilus: Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Culture

Mussels, of the genus Mytilus are among the commonest of marine molluscs and constitute an important element in the ecology of coastal waters. The mussel's sessile habit makes it suited to cultivation and as filter-feeder an effective concentrator of trace toxic substances. They are thus excellent biomonitoring organisms of coastal water quality. The mussel has been extensively used in experimental studies and a vast body of data on its use in fundamental physiological, biochemical, genetic and toxicological investigations is available. More recently this knowledge has extended into the newer fields of nutrition, environmental monitoring, toxicology, disease, population genetics and biotechnology. This book presents a thorough compilation of state-of-the-art information on mussels in the form of critical review papers written by leading authorities in the field. For workers involved in both research and practical aspects of the biology of mussels, it will serve as the standard reference text.

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