The Wizard of Oz

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9780448058269: The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy, an orphan, lived with Uncle Henry, a farmer, and his wife, Aunt Em. They lived in a small, sparsely furnished one-room house which, like the treeless flat prairie, had been burned gray by the sun. So had Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, who never smiled or laughed. There were no neighbors, but Dorothy laughed and played with her dog, Toto, whom she loved dearly. One day a cyclone came and as Dorothy tried to get Toto, who had hidden under the bed, she fell on the floor from the shaking of the house. Before she could join her aunt and uncle in the storm cellar, the house rose in the air and was carried miles away. After hours in the swaying house, despite the shrieking wind, Dorothy went to bed and fell asleep. She was awakened when the house landed with a sudden shock, and found herself in a marvelously beautiful country full of green grass, fruit trees, gorgeous flowers and brilliant birds, with a small brook. Three women and a man, about her size but much older and queerly dressed, came and welcomed her to the land of the Munchkins. They called her a sorceress and thanked her for killing the Wicked Witch of the East and freeing them from bondage. Dorothy gets directions to the Wizard and the journey begins.

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About the Author:

L. Frank Baum is best known throughout the world as the author of the much-loved Wizard of Oz. Written in 1900, the book was a number one best-seller for two years then quickly moved on to being an all-time classic. Nikki Wright is a NSW South Coast based artist. She loved the challenge - in fact, it was a privilege - of bringing L. Frank Baum's story to life. Nikki is a photographer, designer, illustrator and the creative director of Purple Skin magazine. Nikki's 2015 title, Alice in Wonderland - Celebrate Colouring book Classics, was a runaway success.

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