Finance and Derivatives: Theory and Practice

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9780470014325: Finance and Derivatives: Theory and Practice

"Finance and Derivatives" teaches all of the fundamentals of quantitative finance clearly and concisely without going into unnecessary technicalities. You'll pick up the most important theoretical concepts, tools and vocabulary without getting bogged down in arcane derivations or enigmatic theoretical considerations. "Finance and Derivatives: Theory and Practice" is a collection of exercises accompanied by the relevant financial theory, covering key topics that include: present value, arbitrage pricing, portfolio theory, derivates pricing, delta hedging and the BlackScholes model. As well as being ideally placed to complement undergraduate and postgraduate studies, "Finance and Derivatives: Theory and Practice" is also highly valuable as a self study guide for practitioners. No prior finance background is required, as the book starts with basic notions and gradually increases in difficulty through each chapter, ending with more advanced concepts. Students can make progress at their own pace as each chapter includes course notes, exercises and solutions. The authors have an excellent knowledge of both the academic environment and the finance industry, making the book well balanced between theory and practice. Supplementary material for readers and lecturers is provided on an accompanying website.

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