Netbooks for Dummies: Epub Edition

ISBN 13: 9780470579879

Netbooks for Dummies: Epub Edition

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9780470579879: Netbooks for Dummies: Epub Edition

The only full–service reference on choosing, setting up, and using the hot new Netbook

Netbooks are the fastest–selling segment of the PC market. These small, lightweight mini–laptops are less expensive and run longer on a battery charge than traditional laptops. This is the first book to cover everything from choosing the right Netbook to adding memory and remote access.

You′ll learn to compare various models and identify what best meets your needs, connect to the Internet almost anywhere, choose and use free productivity tools, and much more. Netbooks For Dummies covers both Windows and Linux, since Netbooks are available with either operating system.

  • Explains what Netbooks are, what they can do, and the advantages of mobile technology
  • Provides criteria to help you decide what you need in a Netbook and descriptions of the available models, so you can choose one which best meets your needs
  • Covers both Windows (including Windows 7) and Linux operating systems available on Netbooks
  • Walks you through setting up a Netbook and shows you how it can work for you both at home and on the go
  • Discusses free online productivity applications, data synchronization services, and social networks
  • Covers advanced topics like adding memory and remote access

With Netbooks For Dummies, you′ll be ready to make the most of the hottest mobile computing technology on the market today.

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From the Back Cover:

Want to streamline your life with a netbook? Here′s what you need to know!

What′s smaller than a laptop, bigger than a cell phone, and keeps you connected? It′s the netbook, and this "real" book tells you how to pick the right one; use it for work, school, and play; and add bells, whistles, and anything else you might need. The book also covers all the operating systems that run on netbooks, including Linux, Google Chrome, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and even Windows 7.

  • Out of the box set up your netbook, charge the battery, and sync it with your primary computer

  • Get connected via Wi–Fi, 3G networks, Bluetooth, or Ethernet

  • Do some work explore Microsoft Works,, Google Apps, and Zoho productivity suites

  • Play time discover free Internet radio, streaming video, and games you can play on your netbook

  • Keep up with your peeps tweet and IM, keep up with Facebook friends, and make Skype phone calls

  • Even netbooks like accessories check out ways to expand storage, protect your netbook with a case, and add a mouse

  • Safety first find quality antivirus programs, firewalls, and encryption options

  • The maintenance mantra learn about backing up and restoring your netbook, troubleshooting, and managing battery life

Open the book and find:

  • What to compare when choosing a netbook

  • The different operating systems that run on netbooks

  • The differences between netbooks and traditional laptops

  • Tips for making batteries last longer

  • The best accessories for your netbook

  • How to keep your netbook running smoothly and quickly

  • GPS units that work well withyour netbook

About the Author:

Joel McNamara has been a computer aficionado since the dawn of the PC. He has served as a developer, technical writer, and manager in various high–tech companies. The author of GPS For Dummies and Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics & Countermeasures, he might be considered a Renaissance geek.

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