Organizational Behavior: AND Handbook Business Revolution

9780471209850: Organizational Behavior: AND Handbook Business Revolution

The theme of this edition is The High Performance Organization. Ethics and social responsibility, workforce diversity, technology, entrepreneurship, and skill-building are some of the important topics emphasized. Schermerhorn's new edition is intended for the Organizational Behavior course taught at most 2-year and 4-year colleges.

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From the Publisher:

Discusses the foundations of organizational behavior in a flexible, meaningful way. It provides readers with increased awareness of the changing roles of employees through recent technological advances such as utilizing the Internet. This edition features increased emphasis on globalization and includes US, Canadian, and other international case studies and experiential exercises to heighten sensitivity to international market concerns.

From the Back Cover:

"Racing is a team sport. Everyone who races pretty much has the same car and the same equipment. What sets us apart is our people. ...We're stronger as a team than we are on our own." -Ray Evernham, pit crew chief for champion racecar driver Jeff Gordon Like automobile racing, today's fast-paced and high performance organizations run on talent and teamwork. The field of Organizational Behavior is leading academic curricula in skills development and integrative thinking for 21st century career success. Organizational Behavior, 7th edition is designed to best meet this high performance standard. Fast OB! "Fast!" That's the word that describes most accurately the work environment of today's high performance organizations. Understanding this environment and its implications is essential for anyone seeking career success in the 21st century! The Seventh Edition of Organizational Behavior reflects the realities of the new workplace to better prepare students for the fast-paced world of opportunity they will soon enter. Team up with Fast Company Magazine This text features a learning partnership with Fast Company magazine, one of the most talked about magazines in business! The text itself includes The Fast Company Collection, a series of full-text articles to enhance the already extensive selection of application-oriented and skills-building resources. Available with the text is The New Fast Company Handbook of the Business Revolution. This fascinating supplement provides six insightful articles reprised from past issues of the magazine about the changing landscape of leadership, work and careers. These thought-provoking articles are sure to challenge, stimulate, and inspire!

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