Table of Isotopes,1998 Update

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9780471290902: Table of Isotopes,1998 Update

This mixed-pack containing the information for numerous nuclides in the Table of Isotopes, CD-ROM and 2-volume book set, has been fully updated for 1999 and over 400 new isotopes and isomers have been added. New appendices have been added for: experimental and theoretical atomic mass data; theoretical chart of the nuclides; and there is a new edition of the table of superdeformed nuclear bands and fission isomers. Isotope Explorer (Windows-PC) software is provided to view the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Decay File (ENSDF) database on the CD-ROM or directly from the Internet. Isotope Explorer can select and display ENSDF data as: decay scheme and nuclear structure drawings; tables with hypertext-linked comments and footnotes; plots of related information; nuclear charts colour coded by selected properties; and reference keyword abstracts. It supports a script language for retrieval and calculation of nuclear properties from ENSDF. This package is designed as an up-to-date reference available with CD-ROM allowing for easy search and an interactive environment in which material can be viewed and presented in several different ways.

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