Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 2nd Edition

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9780471365945: Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 2nd Edition

Improving upon its widely-acclaimed design coverage, the second edition of this text provides even greater design emphasis, with new open-ended design problems and a focus on evaluating design alternatives. Innovative pedagogy helps readers comprehend the basics; synthesize concepts from multiple chapter topics; design and evaluate circuit stages (or building blocks); and ultimately, design and evaluate complete circuits by integrating the concepts learned throughout the chapters.

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From the Publisher:

This is the first basic circuits analysis textbook that causes students to think about and use engineering design for problem solving. No other text shows students a realistic, practical approach to circuit design. The integration of design concepts throughout the text will prove especially valuable in helping instructors meet the new ABET Engineering Design criteria.

From the Back Cover:

Thomas and Rosa’s Fourth Edition of The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits gives you the opportunity to not only analyze, but also design and evaluate linear circuits as early as possible. The text’s abundance of problems, applications, pedagogical tools, and realistic examples help you develop skills needed to solve problems, design practical alternatives, and choose the best design from several competing solutions.

 This Laplace Early Versions of the Fourth Edition introduces Laplace immediately after the classical treatment of circuit differential equations, rather than after phasors. This innovative presentation helps you develop real understanding of transient and steady-state responses more quickly than a traditional phasor-first approach, and better prepares you to handle the profusion of transforms in subsequent courses. Phasors are then introduced as a special case of Laplace when they are easier to learn and understand.


  • New application examples relating to electronics, computer engineering, signal processing, and instrumentation/bioengineering provide a broader scope.
  • An early emphasis on design and analysis reinforces your understanding of circuit fundamentals.
  • Early Op-Amp coverage allows you to design practical circuits that you can actually build and use.
  • A separate chapter on waveforms and signal characteristics introduces all the important input and output signals encountered in linear circuits.
  • Examples of computer –aided circuit analysis using Excel®, MATLAB®, Mathcad®, Electronics Workbench®, and Pspice® examples have been revised and updated to Orcad Release 9.2.
  • Carefully designed learning objectives supported with homework problems and cross-referenced to in-chapter examples enable you to assess your mastery of the material.
  • Chapter-length appendices on Fourier transforms and two-part networks, complete with examples and problems, are available on the Web.

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