Gas Chromatography: Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning

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9780471954675: Gas Chromatography: Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning

Approaches the subject from the perspective of a chromatographer who needs to know enough theory to make the best use of a chosen technique. Emphasizes the actual application of the methods--not just the theories on which they are based. This edition features a number of advances in the field since publication of the first volume. These include new chapters on high resolution gas chromatography (GC), GC detectors and classification of GC. Self-assessment questions ensure full understanding of the concepts.

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From the Back Cover:

Gas Chromatography Second Edition Gas chromatography (GC) is among the most important and powerful techniques in analytical chemistry, with a wide range of applications. This thoroughly revised second edition will provide the newcomer to the technique with a sound working knowledge of the basic principles and theory behind the technology. In addition, it incorporates the most important advances which have taken place in the field in recent years, including updated and expanded chapters on capillary column GC and detectors for GC, and revised chapters on qualitative analysis, and data handling and quantitative analysis. This second edition of Gas Chromatography will prove invaluable to all those studying and using gas chromatography for the first time. The self assessment questions given in each chapter will allow readers to progress through the book confident that they are acquiring the necessary underpinning knowledge to make effective and practical use of this powerful and sophisticated technique. Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning This series provides a uniquely comprehensive and integrated coverage of analytical chemistry, covering basic concepts, classical methods, instrumental techniques and applications. The learning objectives of each text are clearly identified and the student's understanding of the material is constantly challenged by self-assessment questions with reinforcing or remedial responses. The overall objective of Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning is to enable the student to select and apply appropriate methods and techniques to solve analytical problems, and to interpret the results obtained.

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