Chaos and Complexity in Astrophysics

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9780511608339: Chaos and Complexity in Astrophysics

The discipline of nonlinear dynamics has developed explosively in all areas of physics. This comprehensive primer, first published in 2006, summarizes the main developments in the mathematical theory of dynamical systems, chaos, pattern formation and complexity. An introduction to mathematical concepts and techniques is given in the first part of the book, before being applied to stellar, interstellar, galactic and large scale complex phenomena in the Universe. Regev demonstrates the possible application of ideas including strange attractors, Poincaré sections, fractals, bifurcations, and complex spatial patterns, to specific astrophysical problems. This self-contained text will appeal to a broad audience of astrophysicists and astronomers who wish to understand and apply modern dynamical approaches to the problems they are working on. It provides researchers and graduate students with the investigative tools they need to fully explore chaotic and complex phenomena.

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Review of the hardback: 'There are countless books on dynamical systems, chaos, nonlinear dynamics, and so on, but this is the best for the all-round astrophysicist. It is not a straight-laced textbook or a how-to manual, but a good-natured guidebook to the literature. … you will end up much better educated, learning lots of facts and insights into a wide range of topics from Liapounov indicators to the theory of turbulence. … Without eschewing deep results, the book is as readable as a novel, and like any decent novel, deserves to be read from cover to cover …' The Observatory

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This 2006 primer on nonlinear dynamics for researchers and graduate students of astrophysics provides the necessary investigative tools to explore chaotic and complex phenomena. Comprehensive mathematical concepts and techniques are introduced in the first part of the book, before being applied to specific astrophysical systems and problems.

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