Thermal-Fluid Sciences Pack with DVD and CD-ROM: An Integrated Approach

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9780521514057: Thermal-Fluid Sciences Pack with DVD and CD-ROM: An Integrated Approach

This is a special enhanced package of the text, Thermal-Fluid Sciences combined with the new second edition DVD of the Homsy et. al. Multimedia Fluid Mechanics. Thermal-Fluid Sciences is a truly integrated textbook for an engineering course covering thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. The integration of the text is based on: • The fundamental conservation principles of mass, energy, and momentum • An hierarchical grouping of related topics • The early introduction and revisiting of practical device examples and applications The focus is on accuracy and pedagogy. To enhance learning Thermal-Fluid Sciences features full color illustrations. The robust pedagogy includes: chapter learning objectives, overviews, historical vignettes, numerous examples following a consistent problem-solving format enhanced by innovative self tests. Each chapter concludes with a brief summary and a unique checklist of key concepts and definitions. Integrated tutorials show the student how to use modern software including the NIST Database (included on the in-text CD) to obtain thermodynamic and transport properties.

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This is an integrated approach to thermal-fluid science including engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. This alternate version has an additional CD-ROM containing the Homsy et. al. Multimedia Fluid Mechanics. Integration of the thermal-fluid sciences is achieved by using the fundamental conservation laws as organizing principles.


Preface; Part I. Fundamentals: 1. Beginnings; 2. Properties, property relationships and processes; 3. Mass conservation; 4. Energy and energy transfer; 5. Conservation of energy; 6. Conservation of linear momentum; 7. Second law of thermodynamics and some of its consequences; 8. Similitude and dimensionless parameters; Part II. Beyond the Fundamentals: 9. External flows: friction, draft and heat transfer; 10. Internal flows: friction, pressure drop and heat transfer; 11. Thermal-fluid analysis of steady-flow devices; 12. Systems for power production, propulsion, heating and cooling; Appendix A: a historical timeline; Appendix B: thermodynamic properties of ideal gases; Appendix C: thermodynamics properties of H20; Appendix D: Various thermodynamics data; Appendix E: thermophysical properties of selected gases; Appendix F: thermophysical properties of selected liquids; Appendix G: fuel properties; Appendix H: thermophysical properties of selected solids; Appendix I: radiation properties of selected materials and substances.

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