Pioneer CLD-V2600 Laserdisc Bundle

ISBN 13: 9780538657983

CLD-V2600 Laserdisc Bundle

9780538657983: CLD-V2600 Laserdisc Bundle

The player offers full Level I and Level III integration, as well as advanced features like both analog and digital audio channels and Clear Scan support for CLV discs. Offering functional versatility, easy operation, and long-term durability, the CLD-V2600 plays laserdiscs, audio CDs, and CDV discs. It can be operated by remote control, barcode, or computer -- or with the extensive controls right on the front panel. It is packed with a host of new features such as a 2-speed shuttle dial control, an S-video terminal, a front panel display, and a headphone jack with volume control. RS-232C Interface for Computer Control The RS-232C Interface allows the CLD-V2600 to be connected to virtually any computer, including IBM, Macintosh, Apple II, or Amiga brands. In addition, the CLD-V2600 responds to the same standard command protocol as that used for Pioneer LaserDisc player models CLD-V2400, LD-V2200, and LD-V4400, so programs developed for these models can be used with little or no modification. This protocol for Pioneer players is sup-ported by dozens of multimedia authoring systems. The CLD-V2600 LaserBarcode system conforms fully with the latest industry standards, and provides an easy way of remotely operating the LaserDisc player. Use an optional LaserBarcode reader to scan any barcode, and the CLD-V2600 will execute the playback commands encoded in that barcode. In the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom, anyone can make use of the barcoders incorporated into thousands of instructional and presentation support materials. In addition, barcode creation computer software, such as Bar'n'Coder, enables you to generate your own barcodes in order to integrate existing resource materials with videodisc-based presentations. CD Audio Playback Capable of Playing Five Kinds of Discs In addition to playing both 12" and 8" laserdiscs, the CLD-V2600 is capable of playing standard 5" CD audio discs and 3" CD singles. It will also play 5" CDV format discs.

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