Copeland, Germaine Prayers That Avail Much

ISBN 13: 9780551031975

Prayers That Avail Much

9780551031975: Prayers That Avail Much

Collection of prayers based on Bible verses for personal use. Applies the promises and teaching of Scripture to prayers to be prayed in everyday life.

The prayers in this book are all based on verses of Scripture. Written to enable the reader to pray effectively for themselves, and for others, they are ordered in helpful sections.

Topics include:

To Live Free from Worry
• Compatibility in Marriage
• Victory over Depression
• In Court Cases
• Success of a Meeting
• Improving Communication

Each prayer ends with a list of the Bible verses which have inspired the prayer for further reflection and meditation.

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About the Author:

Germaine Copeland is founder and president of Word Ministries Inc. which has a Christian prayer and teaching ministry.

Dalla quarta di copertina:

A Handbook of Scriptural Prayers

Prayer is not to be a religious form with no power. It is to be effective and accurate and bring results. God watches over his Word to perform it.

'Prayers That Avail Much' began as a home-grown collection of prayers based on the Bible. As more Christians found the Lord'' blessing in their intercessions, more prayers were collected, typed up and stapled together for wider use. Now published, believers around the world continue to discover the power of prayer through 'Prayers That Avail Much.'

Using the words of Scripture, the prayers express the praise and requests of the heart. They are concerned with the Christian life – finding God's forgiveness, love and guidance. They bring to the Father everyday concerns – family life, children, marriage, health and healing. Intercessions, on a wider scale for the Church, ministers, missionaries, for government, and the nations of the world are also included.

Ask the Holy Spirit to make God's Word real to you and let your prayers be the prayers he delights to answer.

'The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much.'
''James 5:16'

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