I. Our Family, Sentenced to Life

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9780557175833: I. Our Family, Sentenced to Life
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A memoir of a family's downward spiral with the brutal murder of Rosario's youngest brother and uncle by a trusted friend with the case being engulfed in the well-publicized Chicago Greylord judge tampering scandal. Their true story encompasses the loyalty of brothers in a true Italian family which led to drugs, organized crime associations, and incarceration. The slew of sizzling twists and turns hurls through the course of their tumultuous life. Chris has to somehow pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, being exposed to a world she was so unaccustomed. Just when there is a glimmer of light, their dreams are dashed as they are caught up in immigration regulations requiring deportation, separating their family further. Experience the ghastly and heart-wrenching emotional effects of one family's struggle and survival through all these torments as they hold on to their deep love for each other and the hope of someday all being together.

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Book by infelise christine

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