Jennifer Ott Edge Of Civilization

ISBN 13: 9780557356348

Edge Of Civilization

9780557356348: Edge Of Civilization

WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR MEN WHO HAVE LOST SIGHT OF THE PAST? Earl lived thirty years in isolation on the outskirts of Las Vegas with little recollection of the past. One night a helicopter flew overhead and instinctively he begged to be rescued. But when his pleas were unfulfilled, he saw it as a sign to find his own way back to civilization. Journeying into the desert, Earl experienced the history of mankind - a simple man searching for intelligent life and a man soliciting faith at a crossroads, but it was a young woman named Elisabeth who rejuvenated his quest to see a new place in the world. Picked up for vagrancy, Earl was taken to an outreach for homeless veterans. He discovered his past was something even he couldn't imagine.

Le informazioni nella sezione "Riassunto" possono far riferimento a edizioni diverse di questo titolo.

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