"Hey C.O.!! Memoirs of a Correctional Officer


"Hey C.O.!!" depicts strange and "exaggerated" short stories that come from the personal experiences of one female Correctional Officer and what it's like to work with incarcerated individuals including high profile criminals, and do so as a female in a male dominated world. Take a look inside the mind of this single mother and the way she has seen the world through out the years of dealing with criminal minds; While working with other officers and witnessing their reactions to the years of exposure. Also, how it affected her only daughter, relationships, her family, and life in general outside the prison walls.

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About the Author:

Born in Pueblo, CO., Kimberly was raised by her grandparents. At 19 she had a daughter and raised her as a single mother. She struggled to to fin her way to a career suitable for her and stumbled into the world of Corrections. With nearly 18 years experience, she has worked as a Correctional Officer in several prisons to include State, private, and federal; and all levels of security including low, medium, and high security, mental health, and one of the Highest security prisons in the United States. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in her field. She has also enjoyed giving back to her community through several volunteer organizations through out her career. Kimberly stays balanced by enjoying her favorite pasttimes her daughter, riding motorcycles, and the outdoors.Kimberly is still working in the prisystems.

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