Uncle Dynamite [Audio Cassette] (Uncle Dynamite [Audio Cassette])

9780563390749: Uncle Dynamite [Audio Cassette] (Uncle Dynamite [Audio Cassette])

Uncle Fred (Lord Ickenham) wants Pongo to marry Sally Painter, a not very successful American sculptor in Chelsea. They had been engaged, but she had broken it off when Pongo refused to smuggle jewellery into America for a friend of hers.

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About the Author:

P. G. Wodehouse (1881–1975) spent much of his life in Southampton, New York, but was born in England and educated in Surrey. He became an American citizen in 1955. In a literary career spanning more than seventy years, he published more than ninety books and twenty film scripts, and collaborated on more than thirty plays and musical comedies.

From Library Journal:

We might save everyone trouble by not bothering to review Wodehouse audiobooks. Instead, we could simply announce, "Here's a new one. Come and get it!" However, as excellent as the recordings usually are, not every Wodehouse text is wonderful, so we must carry on. Happily, Uncle Dynamite is another winner. First published in 1948, it is one of the few books about Uncle Fred (a.k.a. Lord Ickenham) and the usual complicated Wodehouse story line: A loves B but is engaged to C, whom D secretly loves, and so on. Of course, with Uncle Fred spreading sweetness and light, generous helpings of happy endings can be counted on. What sets this book apart is its outstanding dialog, which gives reader Jonathan Cecil broad scope to spread his wonderful gift for voices. A real treat for those who appreciate exquisite language; highly recommended.
-R. Kent Rasmussen, Thousand Oaks, CA
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