Constructions of Space I: Theory, Geography, and Narrative

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9780567027078: Constructions of Space I: Theory, Geography, and Narrative

The Constructions of Ancient Space Seminar ran as a joint project of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) from 2000-05, the only cross-society venture of its time. For the first time in the development of biblical studies, participants in the seminar attempted to foreground and critically analyze space with the same theoretical nuance that biblical scholars have traditionally devoted to history. Among the noteworthy achievements were applications of different critical spatiality theories to both the traditional historical work of biblical geography and to the analysis of biblical narrative. This volume begins with five essays that represent some of the seminar's most important interdisciplinary theoretical work. It then moves to two essays on biblical mapping, considered from a cultural studies perspective as a historical enterprise. The volume concludes with two essays that show the interpretive value of critical spatiality theory when used as a lens for reading biblical narrative. The series editors are Claudia Camp and Andrew Mein, formerly with "Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement", a book series that features original and creative approaches to the interpretation of Old Testament literature. "The Bible in the 21st Century" series, a part of "JSOTS", seeks to examine contemporary authoritative and cultural meanings of bibles by focusing on the processes of transmission, readership and actualization of biblical texts up to and including the twenty-first century. The series explores issues related to contemporary culture and the place of the bible and religion within it. Copenhagen International Seminar is also part of "JSOTS".

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