Mark Alder Son of the Morning

ISBN 13: 9780575115149

Son of the Morning

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9780575115149: Son of the Morning

SON OF THE MORNING is a smart, gripping historical fantasy (SFX)

A triumphant combination of great characters and an epic - yet not too sprawling - plot....a vivid and realistic story that, once you're in, you'll find it hard to leave (Fantasy Faction)

What the author has accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable, providing a rich window into an alternative history that hits all the right notes and doesn't alienate those without a deep knowledge of historical happenings (SF BOOK)

This is fast-paced and absorbing but most of all it is as visual as a richly coloured medieval tapestry packed with detail (We Love This Book)

It is a novel that demands to be read (Fantasy Book Review)

Expertly written, highly detailed and vividly imagined, this is an outstanding work of historical fiction/alternate history which pulled me in with its prose and story from page 1 (Grim Dark Fantasy Reader)

From the Publisher:

Meet Hal Romsey

Priest, sorcerer, assassin

A good man

Who fights for the Devil

It's 1337. Genoese mercenaries under the French are harrying the channel ports and Edward III is powerless to stop them. He's bankrupt, up to his ears in debt to Florentine bankers. He can't hope to defend his lands in France, which are subject to a vicious scorched-earth policy pursued by the French king.

Hal Romsey is a 16-year-old boy, frightened and intimidated by exalted company. But he is a Luciferist - a visionary and a disciple of the devil. He has one of the keys to Hell, and knows how to use it. Hell is willing to ally with England - and thus begins a story that will shake the thrones of medieval Europe and see angels and demons fighting for the future of England and France.

SON OF THE MORNING will provide readers with politics, intrigue and massed ranks of soldiers battering against each other, while angels and demons stalk the battlefield and Hell comes to earth.

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