Become A Virtual Assistant: The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success

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9780578118246: Become A Virtual Assistant: The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success

Become a Virtual Assistant - The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success will help you get from where you are now to right where you want to be - working from home running your own successful virtual assistant business! You're likely reading this because you want to work from home in your own business as a successful virtual assistant. But you just don't know where to go from here or how to get started. This book is your road map to success. The Become a Virtual Assistant book from Virtual Assistant Forums (the premiere online networking community for VAs) is chock full of information, direction and advice to help you become a virtual assistant - there's NO fluff in this eBook. You'll also receive 35 FREE startup worksheets, sample contracts, and business documents that you can copy and reference for your own use. As an added FREE BONUS we've also included a detailed list of over 100 online small business and virtual assistant industry resources you can put to work for your own business. This book can't make you a successful virtual assistant (only YOU can do that!) - but it will help you avoid months of questioning, uncertainty, and research so you can feel confident, prepared, and organized as you get down to the business of running your own virtual assistant business. To your success!

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Virtual Assistant Forums was created in 2007 as I discovered the virtual assistant profession for the first time and went in search of a friendly, encouraging community with REAL information (no work at home scams, get rich quick schemes, or $4/hr 'data entry jobs' allowed! Did you know that the average professional, skilled VA charges at least $35/hr?). I was looking for a place where I could network and collaborate with like-minded people and learn more about being a successful VA. Finding the need of such a site, I created, curated, and continue to develop Virtual Assistant Forums. As my own virtual assistance business has grown and flourished over the years, so has this amazing community of fellow VAs. The site, although small at the beginning, served it's purpose immediately and quickly grew into what it is today: an active, welcoming, diverse, and dynamic community of success-seekers, thinkers, and small business owners from all over the world. I continue to grow and develop VAF (as well as other useful virtual assistant industry resources) because there is nothing more gratifying than helping other people access the information, resources, support, and encouragement they need to start and run a successful home-based virtual assistant business. I'm a business owner and entrepreneur, yes - but most importantly I'm the mama of a really cool five year old daughter. Tess Strand Founder, Virtual Assistant Forums

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