Friends with English: Teacher's Guide

9780582100763: Friends with English: Teacher's Guide

"Friends with English" is an English language course in two levels, which can be used with pupils from the age of seven and upwards. The course builds up to reading and writing gradually. Only single words are introduced at first, and are systematically built into complete sentences. There is constant recycling of language items as repetition helps to build a pupil's confidence. Letter formation is practiced first, then tracing over words, before pupils are expected to write freehand. This emphasis on alphabet work makes "Friends with English" useful for children who are not familiar with the Roman alphabet. The lessons are full of colour and use an exciting circus theme. There is plenty of opportunity for listening and speaking practice, with games and activities based on oral communication. By the end of level two, pupils should be able to speak, understand, read and write simple English words and phrases such as colours, numbers and animals. The teacher's book provides detailed lesson notes, including: ideas for extra practice activities and games; guidance for using the alphabet section at the front of the pupil's book; a reference chart for each unit, outlining new language and review activities; and the transcripts of all the dialogues, songs, chants and listening activities.

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