Typography and Language in Everyday Life: Prescriptions and Practices

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9780582357563: Typography and Language in Everyday Life: Prescriptions and Practices

An illustrated discussion of the relationship between the graphic and linguistic elements of language, using familiar typographic examples from letter-writing conventions to the house style of printers and publishers. Language has graphic as well as linguistic aspects to it, and it is argued here that there are many oppurtunities for collaboration between typographers and applied linguistics. Organised in two parts, the first introduces aspects of typographic theory and history, and suggests areas of applied linguistics that offer approaches to the study of graphic language. The case studies in the second part examine everyday examples of display typography, house style and typing manuals, and letter-writing, from both theoretical and historical perspectives. Intended for a wide audience, including those unfamiliar with either these issues or the broad concepts in applied linguistics. Extensively illustrated with examples of past and present graphic language. Wide-ranging and accessible, drawing on examples from everyday life. A growing area of interest in the area of sociolinguistics. Comprehensive bibliography.

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