Kevin Reeves The Other Side of the River

ISBN 13: 9780595360628

The Other Side of the River

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9780595360628: The Other Side of the River

There is a major doctrinal movement sweeping through the Church. Billing itself as the “River”, it promises an incoming tide of blessing but leaves in its wake tsunami-like devastation. Marked by false prophecies, unbiblical manifestations and cult-like teachings and authority structure, this latest Christian fad has wooed a generation of unwary believers and led them into a substitute spirituality. While the Word of God has been placed on the back burner, personal experience reigns supreme amid a host of unscriptural visions and ecstatic utterances that have paved the way for a radical departure from the apostolic Christianity of the early Church.

In this deeply personal account, Kevin Reeves explores the inner workings of this worldwide phenomenon. As a leading member of a hyper-Charismatic group for twelve years, Reeves promoted and participated in “every wind of doctrine” that blew through his congregation. Enjoying the “cutting-edge” elitism and the party atmosphere engendered by false signs and wonders, Reeves drifted with the River’s powerful current until an encounter with the truth shook his belief system to its very foundations.

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About the Author:

Kevin Reeves had for many years been a local newspaper reporter and columnist, and a regular contributor to the regional magazine, Alaskan Southeaster. He has written several online articles critiquing the Third Wave. He lives in Alaska with his wife, Kris, and their two daughters, four cats, and a horse.

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