The (Black) Barbershop Monologues

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9780595398959: The (Black) Barbershop Monologues

Blackman, have you ever felt alone? Misunderstood? Ashamed of a feeling, philosophy or posture you have taken because you have not been able to identify this sentiment or belief in one of your peers? I don't think there is a Black man who hasn't felt this way at some point in his life. Many of us are frustrated because of either an inability to articulate these feelings, or failure to find another brother who can identify and empathize...

Here in these monologues, there is no lecturing, no preaching; only the powerful, unflinching resolve of these fifteen Black men in their quest for freedom that leaps out of these pages and embraces you as they honestly talk about their successes, failures and aspirations.

There are no experts and icons here. Just fifteen courageous men who took a few hours from the battlefield to come to the barbershop and report to us their current positions, their set backs, and their intended campaigns in our war for emancipation--spiritually, emotionally and financially. Written in the spirit of the Million Man March, it is the author's intention to provide for African American men a resource for identification and understanding. It is also his hopes that the women who love these men can gain a greater understanding of these gladiators and the struggles we invariably encounter.

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About the Author:

Terence A. Layne, the oldest of three children was born in Brooklyn in the 60’s. Having survived a troubled adolescence and young adulthood he has emerged to become an accomplished man and successful father of four. He now resides in the village of Harlem where he works, creates and serves his neighbors as God would have him.

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