Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow

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9780595472451: Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow

Enthusiastic Endorsements for the 1971 Edition: "For many decades, news reports on the intellectual activities of the younger generation have been confined almost exclusively to advocates of statism and collectivism. Only recently [in 1971] have there appeared the first acknowledgements, in the newspapers, of a rising interest among the younger generation in political philosophy that stands in radical contrast to this authoritarian trend: Libertarianism." "Now, Professor John Hospers, [former] Director of the School of Philosophy of the University of Southern California, has given us, in the latest book, a clear statement of the central political-economic of this young intellectual movement. The book is offered, not as an original work of philosophy, but rather as an attempt to delineate the major positions on which most Libertarians would agree-and to answer many of the objections and questions with which Libertarians have to contend." "Libertarianism is very simply and clearly written and requires no technical knowledge on the part of the reader. Enjoyable, informative reading."-Nathaniel Branden, author of The Psychology of Self Esteem and The Disowned Self"A most informative and provocative up-to-date exposition of an historic political-economic doctrine that has been having a rebirth, in a new and more sophisticated formulation, in recent years."-Martin E. Lean, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, of the City University of New York "In days to come, when Libertarianism is accepted as one of the major political philosophies, and perhaps the prevailing one, Professor Hospers will be remembered as one of its founding fathers. His magnificent work offers a true intellectual foundation for all those who profess to be advocates of, or objective about, personal, political, and economic freedom."-Robert D. Kephart, Publisher of

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About the Author:

As co-founder of the national Libertarian Party and as the author of the exceptionally readable book Libertarianism and numerous articles on liberty and politics, Dr. Hospers became the Libertarian Party?s first candidate for President of the United States in 1972, garnering an electoral vote in that election.

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