Pat McKissack Jesse Jackson: A Biography

ISBN 13: 9780606047081

Jesse Jackson: A Biography

9780606047081: Jesse Jackson: A Biography

A biography of the Afro-American minister and civil rights worker who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988.

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From School Library Journal:

Grade 5 Up-- This well-balanced biography gives an account of the life of Reverend Jesse Jackson from his childhood days in Greenville, S. C. through his unsuccessful bid for the presidential nomination in 1988. The book details accounts of Jackson's early experiences with racism in his formative years, showing how they shaped his attitude and philosophy throughout his adult life. While McKissack's respect for Jackson is evident in her writing, she is not afraid to deal with the less than pleasant episodes of Jackson's life. Both his alleged mishandling of organizational funds and his "Hymie-town" remark are discussed. On the other hand, McKissack points out that while a white person might be portrayed as being "promising, inspired and dilligent," this often translates into being "uppity, audacious and arrogant" when describing a black person. Amply illustrated with black-and-white photographs, the book nicely updates Dorothy Chaplik's Up With Hope (Dillon, 1986) and Ann Kosof's Jesse Jackson (Watts, 1987). --Tom S. Hurlburt, Minneapolis Public Library
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From Publishers Weekly:

McKissack, winner of the Coretta Scott King Award, offers a look at Jackson that is everything a biography should be. Her presentation is up-to-date, lively, even-handed and accessible. This accomplishment is all the more impressive because the author's simple target-age group sentences often contain deeper meanings, e.g., "Did Dr. King feel something was going to happen to him? Many people believe he did." Jackson's private life (his family and his beginnings as an athlete) is treated briefly but adequately, often in terms of his experiences with discrimination; the majority of the book is devoted to Jackson's rise as a preacher/spokesman for causes and his astoundingly creative leadership. McKissack doesn't shy away from Jackson's difficulties (the "Hymietown" incident, for example), and her mastery of balance is a pleasure. Readers must decide whether Jackson is aggressive and overbearing or simply intense and flamboyant; either way, the book provocatively presents a take-charge leader. Ages 8-12.
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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