Carol Matas; Perry Modelman More Minds

ISBN 13: 9780606136228

More Minds

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9780606136228: More Minds

Princess Lenora is supposed to be preparing for her wedding. But she and Prince Coren are sidetracked when the Balance, which holds two alternate worlds in place, begins to crumble. “Any sensible person would be heading away from the giant. . .” Princess Leonora is not a sensible person. She has the power to alter the present- and she’s not afraid to use it. Prince Coren can read minds, but he tries to do it as little as possible. Then a giant attacks the north countries. Leonora rushes toward adventure, creating a double to take her place. Coren follows and gains a double of his own. Now Leonora and Coren face trouble from all sides. The giant is a formidable enemy. The Balance, which holds alternate worlds in place, is crumbling. And the doubles are forming evil minds of their own. Leonora and Coren are running out of time. . . and patience. They need to fix things fast- before they lose their minds completely. “Will be welcomed by those who enjoy challenging fiction, told with humor and energy.” School Library Journal. “This is not standard fantasy at all, tending more to the fantastic and surreal... a lot of fun.” - LOCUS

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From School Library Journal:

Grade 6-8?The rebellious Princess Lenora and her cautious, clairvoyant fiance, Coren, return. Once again, the princess is bored with the predictable pace of life in Gepeth and seeks adventure, this time searching for a giant who is terrorizing the land. She escapes her parents' scrutiny by creating an idealized version of herself and inadvertently creates a second Coren as well (this one is a swashbuckling adventurer). These two "shadow" characters add both humor and meaning to the tale, exemplifying the ways in which stereotypes limit personal growth. As the four young people seek to discover the source of the problems plaguing Gepeth, they are thrust into many odd situations. Although their views on freewill, personal power, and the importance of balancing diverse needs and abilities are intriguing, Matas and Nodelman occasionally allow these themes to intrude upon the story. Another (minor) weakness is the sheer number of characters and events crammed into the tale. While all are potentially interesting, none are as fully developed as those in the previous book, and the conclusion, while ironically funny, also suffers in comparison to the thought-provoking shocker of the first novel. Despite these quibbles, however, this second collaboration will be welcomed by those who enjoy challenging fiction, told with humor and energy.?Lisa Dennis, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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