Didier Boursin Origami Paper Animals

ISBN 13: 9780606224666

Origami Paper Animals

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9780606224666: Origami Paper Animals

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Provides instructions for folding a variety of birds, mammals, and other creatures of varying degrees of difficulty, from a simple fish to a more complex crab.

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About the Author:

Didier Boursin is a world-renowned origami expert and author who lives in Paris. Among his books are Origami Paper Airplanes and Advanced Origami: More than 60 Fascinating and Challenging Projects for the Serious Folder.

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From the Instructions

"So, inanimate objects, do you have a soul?"
Poetic Meditations

Alphonse de Lmartine

For this book, I have created 28 animals to which I have given an expression, a movement, sometimes a look, and almost a soul. Every fold is a humorous wink at life. The models are worked out meticulously, down to the smallest detail, while adhering to the spirit of creating a work of art in paper, with the minimum of folds required to achieve a beautiful effect.

Have you ever seen a heron spreading out his wings before flight, a panther lazing in the sun, a mouse sniffing a good piece of cheese? It is up to you to continue these stories by imagining what follows. Paper is a material as noble as wood and stone. This book is the expression of a modern designer who sculpts paper in an ephemeral way as others capture the moment by a photograph or a poem.

Folding paper is also a thought game, a logical development where someone's nimble fingers fold a simple sheet of paper to result in an absolutely personal portrayal of an animal, with the hope that it is sufficiently expressive to be recognized by others.

I wanted to dress my animals in fur or feathers by using beautiful papers in dazzling colors without ever wanting to reproduce reality. I hope that these poetic folds will make people think about our environment and our planet where certain species are disappearing one by one. I hope you will derive as much pleasure as I do in producing these magnificent animals, some of which are truly small masterpieces.

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