Days of Blood and Fire (Deverry Series)

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9780606275583: Days of Blood and Fire (Deverry Series)

In the peaceful land of the Rhiddaer, Jahdo the  ratcatcher's son stumbles upon a secret meeting  between a city council man and a dangerous,  mysterious woman. Suddenly the boy is tangled in a web of  intrigue and black magic that drags him far from  home. In the company of a blind bard, Jahdo must  travel to Deverry to unravel the evil that binds  him. But there the boy is caught up in dangers far  greater than he has ever known. Two powerful  sorcerers--one human, the other elven--are battling to  save the country from a goddess gone mad. Their  strongest ally is the mercenary soldier Rhodry  Maelwaedd, a berserker bound to both women by fate and  magic . . . and to the dragon upon whom all their  live may depend. Days Of Blood And  Fire begins an exciting new chapter in the  chronicles of Deverry and the Westlands, with a story  suited to new readers and loyal fans  alike.

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From the Back Cover:

"This grand saga is by a wide margin the best Celtic fantasy around."--Chicago Sun-Times

From Kirkus Reviews:

Kerr's latest fantasy novel of the Westlands continues the story begun in A Time of Omens (1992). To escape entrapment on the etheric plane, Guardian Evander has arranged for his daughter, Elessario, to be born to a mundane, Princess Carra of Deverry. However, a powerful, evil, and mad goddess, Alshandra, is plotting to frustrate him, and the conflict soon involves some familiar characters--Jill the Dweomer-master and Rhodry the mercenary silver dagger--along with the usual assortment of bards, seers, warriors, nobles, elves, and talented children. Eventually, it emerges that Rhodry must go forth in search of the dragon Arzosah, without whose aid the good guys cannot win. These ingredients are stirred slowly with dollops of reincarnation, predestination, magic, and fate. Kerr's scenario is detailed but uninteresting, her plots large but unmotivated, her narrative agreeable but meandering and sluggish. For series fans only. -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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