Waid, Mark Tower of Babel (JLA (Pb))

ISBN 13: 9780613605694

Tower of Babel (JLA (Pb))

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9780613605694: Tower of Babel (JLA (Pb))

When Batman's arch enemy, the immortal mastermind R'as al Ghul, resurfaces with a terrifying plan to destroy all means of communication, including the spoken word, the world's mightiest heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green lantern - rally to stop him. But it soon becomes apparent that not all of their number has the same agenda. For one hero the battle is far more personal, and he'll do anything - including betray his teammates - to see final justice done. Whatever the outcome, the JLA will be changed forever!

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About the Author:

Mark Waid has written flagship titles for both DC (The Flash) and Marvel (X-Men) and his work on Kingdom Come (with artist Alex Ross) has earned him huge acclaim and multiple awards, including an Eisner. He is currently working for Florida-based comics company Crossgen as head writer.

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