Longe Magazine: Longe Magazine Issue (Volume 1)

9780615474083: Longe Magazine: Longe Magazine Issue (Volume 1)

This issue includes, New Designer Daniel Kydd, Hip Hop Star in the making Saki, Profile on artist such as: Prayer life, Young Chicago, Harperth Rising, Britanny Campbell, Human Anyway, Catherine Duc, Kotadama Nears Glory, J.K Hodge, Chaos Control, Ria, Commissary, Eduardo, mannerisms Magnified, Velcro Mindset, Young Chicago, Kwab, Neon Highwire, Razor, eloh, Michael Bannerman, Bandname, Wits End, Harpeth Rising, Paul Kneevers, Malea McGuinness, Lilach Gary Bonanni, Brother Magnum, Nick Gill, Damon Nailer a.ka. Daril, Mystic downtown, Voice of addiction, Vibes 2010 at seaside park, and more includes stories on: Tips of on singing a music contract, Good ways to save money in a recession driven economy, places to look for grants to start a business, new and hot technologies on the market, how to deal with cranky coworkers, how to know if its the right time to start a business, Rhianna Natasha Lioness, New looks for the summer, trends in shoes for ladies, how to survive family get together, is your child gay, ow to deal with a gay child. Include full review on Longe Media Conference and photo of models, Designers such as Bertha Joanne Angelo Reggie for Body Defining, Carlin, Sequay, Mackenzine More, Garrison, Nathan, Andrea, Tiara, Essence, Demeteria , dekara, Tirian, D Mack and many more great topic that deals with Business, Fashion and Entertainment.

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About the Author:

Longé Magazine was created for today’s avid and trendy reader looking for the inside track in business, finance, entertainment and fashion. Unlike other magazine companies that use manipulative tactics to attract their readers, Longé Magazine sets out to create a magazine focusing on the reader's craving for an informative source that provides a clear direction, resources and testimonies from entrepreneurs while simultaneously not having the stylistic tone of a lecture. Moreover, the information provided in the magazine would be easily applicable to the real world as readers take on the challenging yet rewarding task of starting a business.

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