The Precision Teaching Book

9780615554204: The Precision Teaching Book

The Precision Teaching Book provides one important part of the solution for maximizing behavioral output: a science-based method for selecting and identifying behavior, recording behavior with standard units of measurement, visually displaying data with one of the most powerful visual display systems for time series behavior (i.e, the Standard Celeration Chart), facilitating timely, learner centered changes, and providing recursive problem solving. The Precision Teaching Book has six major parts containing chapters geared towards explaining why, and how to use, Precision Teaching (PT) ranging from individual learners up to an entire school system. The methods described in The Precision Teaching Book follow in the footsteps of two great natural scientists, B. F. Skinner and Ogden R. Lindsley. The application of PT has produced an expansive database spanning the late 60s to present day. The science-based procedures have led to impressive changes of behavior. Leveraging the ideals of a natural science applied to human behavior and the existing evidence-based studies from Precision Teaching literature, readers will learn the four steps of PT: Pinpoint-Record-Change-Try Again. Chapters offer a rationale for each step and explain how to implement specific parts of the PT process. Other chapters include important discoveries brought to light through the rigorous administration of Precision Teaching with a wide range of learners (i.e., attaining behavioral fluency, and implementing Learning Channels to describe behavior, help explicate learning problems, and generate potential solutions). Chapters contain numerous exercises so readers can directly use the content. Also, The Precision Teaching Book offers a full set of materials for implementing PT, a glossary containing important definitions, and a full list of resources to help readers successfully apply Precision Teaching.

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