Shane McKenzie Infinity House

ISBN 13: 9780615606071

Infinity House

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9780615606071: Infinity House

Mama had always forbade Mike from going to the old house...she said it was pure evil, that the devil lived there. Grandmamma did, too, back when she could still think straight. Hell, everybody in the poverty and crime-ridden Oak knew to stay away from it. But when a drug deal goes bad, and Mike is left penniless and desperate, he and his younger brother, James, do the unthinkable. In the dead of night, they sneak onto the unkempt property in search of rumored treasures. Beneath the thick shadow cast by the deserted home, they find what they are looking for. But brothers get greedy. Enticed by the promise of enough riches to get them out of the doomed neighborhood, the pair enters the house. And soon discover that the truth can be much worse than legend. 

Time is ever rotting, and the flies and maggots will devour every moment before it passes.

"Shane McKenzie has a wonderful grasp of the dark and terrible. He truly understands what terrifies us and his love for the horrific comes through in every ghastly sentence he composes." -Wrath James White, Author of THE RESSURECTIONIST

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