Intratec Propylene Production from Methanol

ISBN 13: 9780615648118

Propylene Production from Methanol

9780615648118: Propylene Production from Methanol
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The tight propylene market contributed to the rising of new and novel lower-cost chemical processes for on-purpose propylene production technologies. Methanol-to-propylene (MTP) technology is one of the promising processes that arises to fullfil this need. This report analyzes a MTP process similar to the ones developed by Lurgi MTP® and JGC/Mitsubishi DTP®. It is presented a detailed technical and economic evaluation of a unit located in the US Gulf Coast. Also, the evaluation is conducted for a plant constructed in Germany and China. While China presented the most attractive return of investment, the advent of shale gas in the USA, and the consequent low-price natural gas availability, make of the country a promising alternative for this technology.

About the Publication Program

The Technology Economics Program is a program that provides, by way of periodic reports, in-depth techno-economic assessments covering mature process technologies used by the chemical, polymer, refining and allied industries. Each report presents the following topics:

  • process flow diagrams and description
  • heat and material balances
  • major equipment list
  • equipment cost estimates
  • bulk material and installation costs
  • inside and outside battery limits capital costs
  • process yields, raw material and utility consumptions
  • fixed costs contributions
  • process profitability by location

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About the Author:

Intratec is an independent research and advisory firm, recognized for excellence in supplying expert services and publications to Process Industries in the areas of technology, innovation and process consulting. Established in 2002, Intratec is a global employee-owned company that has brought competitive advantage to its customers through innovative solutions, strategic vision and human talent.

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