Little Paper Daydream

9780615669373: Little Paper Daydream

Little Paper Daydream is a magical story of a young boy's imaginative journey. Everyone is invited on this fantastical, friend-filled adventure through whimsical landscapes created by Andrea Kang and Nathan Jurevicius. This book was designed using a combination of cut paper and digital processes to create the signature "Harley & Boss" look. Using a variety of premium papers, Andrea Kang and Nathan Jurevicius scan each pattern and texture into their computer to give the illustrations a hand crafted aesthetic. The final product reflects a collaborative juxtaposition between ink work and graphic paper forms.

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About the Author:

Harley & Boss is a design collective made up of artists Andrea Kang and Nathan Jurevicius. Together they create installations, toys, fine art and children's books. Their recent collaborations have included a solo exhibition in Chicago, a wall mural in Berlin, and series of plush blind-box Owlets. Andrea Kang has created a fanciful world filled with girls, bears, and little creatures. Her narratives explore nostalgia and the blurred lines that exist between dreams and reality. After graduating with her Masters from the Rhode Island School of Design she worked for Hasbro Inc. designing toys. Since then she's taught, participated in gallery shows, and dedicated her time to freelance illustration and product design work. Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian artist whose diverse range of work has appeared in numerous publications and galleries around the world. His most acclaimed project to date is the Scarygirl universe. Since its creation in 2001, the brand has developed an underground following of fans across the globe through its limited edition toys, designer products, games, and travelling art shows. The Scarygirl property is currently in development for an animated feature film with producer Sophie Byrne.

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