Captive Bride: A Regency Ghost Novel (The Ghost of Gwynedd Castle) (Volume 1)

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9780615709222: Captive Bride: A Regency Ghost Novel (The Ghost of Gwynedd Castle) (Volume 1)

From the bestselling author of The Earl and My Lady, My Lord comes a delectably sexy tale of a lady torn between loyalty to her family and the man of every one of her forbidden dreams. A dark castle, a handsome lord, and a wicked ghost... When Bea Sinclaire’s scapegrace brother begs her help to rescue a maiden from a haunted castle, she seizes the chance for adventure. If only Lord Peter “Tip” Cheriot didn’t insist on coming along. How can she maintain a clear head in the face of danger when Tip is so utterly, deliciously distracting? Then an alluring ghost makes Bea a shocking offer, and he won’t take no for an answer. Tip Cheriot has loved Bea forever, and he’s determined to have her—no matter how scandalous his past. But a cursed specter has claimed Bea as his bride, and Tip must save her from eternal darkness before All Hallows Eve. In the race to capture the heart of one daring lady, it’s every man—and ghost—for himself. * This is an reissue of the original 2012 edition, with minor editorial changes and exclusive BONUS MATERIAL: The Soundtrack to Captive Bride.

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From the Author:

Dearest Reader,  Ionce wrote a story in which the heroine's sister played a minor part.This sister, barely sixteen, had wide doe's eyes and a sweet, pensivesmile. In that story a handsome young gentleman noticed those wide doe's eyes and sweet, pensive smile. He noticed them and he could not forget them. But the story I was writing at the time was not theirs. It went along itsway, leaving them stealing glances at each other, tongue-tying him whentheir gazes met yet offering him no opportunity to becomeun-tongue-tied. Afterthat the girl and young gentleman visited me occasionally. Like ghosts.Late at night when the wind howled and all lights were dimmed save thelamp of my laptop, one or the other would tap meaningfully on mycomputer screen. They had stolen enough glances to know the truth ofit.  They urged me to write their story. Usually, he did the urging. He was impatient to enjoy this pretty girl upon his arm. Rather, in his arms. She urged more decorously, hinting that her heart would not be young forever. Wouldn't I allow her what she longed for? They haunted me. And so in the dark I wrote a scene here, a few lines of dialogue there. Inthe daylight I often thought of them--ghosts are difficult toignore--but there were other books to be written and I could never findthe time. Then, on achill, grey day a few years ago I found myself in Wales, encompassed infog upon a velvety hillside. In the mists towered a great ruin of afortress, black and craggily, mysterious and downright ominous. And that's when their story unfolded to me--a cursed castle, a tortured specter, and a love strong and constant enough to fight the darkestdemons and inspire the most breathtaking miracles. Now, dear readers, because every satisfying ghost story should beshared--not to mention every delicious love story--I am giving it toyou. Also, they insisted upon it, he with dashing confidence, she withthat sweet, pensive smile, all the sweeter now because . . .  Well, I'll let you discover that for yourselves. So curl up and get ready to hear a hauntingly romantic tale of love. Thecampfire is crackling, and I've got marshmallows to spare. Warmest wishes,Katharine

From the Inside Flap:

About Again, My Lord

"This series is groundbreaking in the Historical Romance genre." The Reading Wench

"Deeply romantic and wonderfully enchanting. This book made me feel all the feelings. A truly magical romance." Maya Rodale, USA Today bestselling author

About My Lady, My Lord

2014 RITA® Award Finalist, Romance Writers of America

"Breathlessly romantic and original... charming, clever, intelligent, andentertaining" Romantic Historical Reviews (Best of 2014)

About The Earl

"This is historical romance at its best." All About Romance (Desert Isle Keeper)

"Tender and gripping." Bookpage (TOP PICK!)

"A rollicking page-turner... entertaining and emotionally satisfying." Publishers Weekly (*Starred Review*)

About The Rogue

"A strong and independent female protagonist." Library Journal (*Starred Review*)

"The chemistry between them is electric ... Saint is easily one of thefinest romantic heroes I've read in quite some time." All About Romance(Desert Isle Keeper)

"The desperate yearning--and dangeroussecrets--between the star-crossed lovers had my stomach in knots untilthe very end of this hypnotic book." Amazon's Omnivorous (Best Romancesof the Month)

"Powerful, suspenseful and sensual." RT Book Reviews (TOP PICK!)

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