The Chronicles of a Crazy Chick

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9780615716749: The Chronicles of a Crazy Chick

Chronicles of a Crazy Chick recounts the misadventures of Pittman—a brutally frank, flippant and sometimes sexually frustrated female – through the ins and outs of relationships, including the one with herself where she pens a letter to the Lord asking for guidance when her life is in disarray. Katina explores surviving a sexless relationship where she employs extreme measures against her partner, stalking a dude in the name of sex, denouncing online dating after failed attempts at finding love, longing for a lover lost to murder and suffering an episode of hypochondria when thinking she was exposed to HIV. Spoken in Pittman’s candid and crass voice, these page-turning and laugh-out-loud essays tackle issues facing a modern day woman with intimate and irreverent details. These stories unveil the humor in even the serious of situations.

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Katina has found her sanity since writing this book and she is no longer crazy. Before writing her first novel, she was sharing her stories on her blog, She is busy working on her second book.

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