Confessions of a Wicked Stepmother

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9780615830377: Confessions of a Wicked Stepmother

Charlene, Angel, and Gigi are three women who are trying to navigate the rough terrain of the modern blended family. Join them as they relay tales of life, love, and step-motherhood. Charlie is a single mother with two kids from two failed relationships. After having such bad luck in love, Charlie is happy to meet Gerald. Gerald is a perfect gentleman and a great father to two children of his own. Charlie thinks she's finally found Mr. Right, until she meets his teen daughter, who refuses to let Charlie take the place of her deceased mother, and will resort to manipulation to keep Gerald and Charlie apart. Angel is an ambitious go getter who meets her soul mate in college. Everyone who knows Angel and Aaron believe them to be the perfect couple – everyone except the woman who is pregnant with Aaron’s child. She makes it a point to constantly remind Angel that, although she is Aaron's first love, she will never have his first born. Gigi's life is centered on finding a man who can provide her with the lavish lifestyle that she craves. She thinks she's finally met her prince charming when she begins dating Keith, a successful lawyer who represents high profile clients. Gigi doesn't mind being a stepmother to his two children, if it means becoming the new Mrs. Keith Hunter. But she soon realizes that being a stepmother is a lot harder than she thought; and Keith’s apathy makes it even more difficult.

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