Jonathan Yukich American Midget

ISBN 13: 9780615858333

American Midget

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9780615858333: American Midget

The mysterious Mr. Much contrives to convince ordinary Albert that he is a little person - but is he? Join one man’s struggle to distinguish reality from delusion in a world far more outlandish, but only slightly more absurd, than our own.

"A cheerfully absurdist satire . . . this little psychological gem is both pessimistic and spirit-affirming." - New York Times

"Yukich's labyrinthian language is joyous." - LA Weekly

"American Midget is a highly theatrical and hard-edged satire about the powers of society to control individual truth and freedom. It is a story that catches you unawares and will have you philosophizing afterwards." - FringeReview Amsterdam

"Yukich's script is darkly comic, and very enjoyable." -

"American Midget delivers in a giant way. It is very seldom that a show will keep you guessing until the very end. American Midget is that rare experience. This show is smart, funny, audacious, mischievous and dark without being mean spirited, another refreshing quality." - LA Splash Magazine

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About the Author:

Jonathan Yukich’s work is published by Smith & Kraus, Playscripts, Inc., Meriwether Press, Eldridge Publishing, Pioneer Drama Service, Indie Theater Now and Batten Publishing. His plays have been produced across the United States and in Canada, Australia, South Africa and Europe.


Keep your eyes and ears open for any sign of Mr Much. Thanks to [this] cheerfully absurdist satire AMERICAN MIDGET, we know he wears a top hat, tails and bright red socks. And the things he tells you, vicious things meant to destroy your self-esteem, are lies. If anyone knows the awful power of Mr Much, it is Albert. We see Albert as a young boy discovering his love for art and having his spirit crushed by his mother, who complains that there is no sky in the picture he has drawn. We see him at 13 when neither basketball team captain wants him on their side. And at 17 when girls reject him. As a responsible adult, Albert seeks psychiatric help. But Dr Kalamazoo confirms his worst fears. `Yes, you are a midget,' he says. And he informs Albert: `It s been genetically proven that midgets can't paint. Their hands are too small.' Attending art school anyway, Albert finds a teacher who instructs her class to make work suitable for aliens. When will our hero recognize that he is surrounded by idiots? Albert is actually a man of normal height, which makes AMERICAN MIDGET, written by Jonathan Yukich an allegory. But one in which God and the devil are on the same side, reveling in their ability to control humanity. A deity known as the Voice keeps putting Albert down, but the play also gives today s atheists and agnostics a devil incarnate to believe in and battle. Or, if we're just feeling lazy, someone to blame. The message of this little psychological gem is both pessimistic and spirit-affirming. The love of a good woman may help Albert learn who he really is, but Mr Much hasn't gone anywhere, and he doesn't like happy endings. --Anita Gates, The New York Times

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